Happy Easter!

Can you believe my mom decorated these super cute eggs in 1989 with paper dots from a hole punch? So amazing! Just wanted to drop in and wish you all a very wonderful Easter!

Peep Pops

I had big plans for posting a tutorial last night on the braided Easter egg bread that I’m making for Sunday. But then we had friends over and attempted to decorate two dozen eggs. And then we had mojitos… and wine… and dessert (with some calzones and salad, too). And then I climbed into bed …

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Baileys Brownies

This is officially my easiest St. Patrick’s Day recipe. I won’t even waste time with chit-chat: for an Irish spin on a classic dessert, simply prepare box-mix brownies using Irish Cream liqueur instead of water. If you need a dessert for a St. Patrick’s Day party, you’re just half an hour + a bottle of …

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