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What to Wear: Air Travel

6 Mar

I don't pretend to be an expert on fashion, but I do want to share my year-round outfit formula (and the rationale behind it) for flying! Packing and traveling can both be stressful, and figuring out a go-to formula has saved me time and anxiety, in addition to keeping me comfortable in some ridiculous airport situations. [...]

Palm Springs

20 Feb

My Seakettle posts might give the false impression that I spend all my time baking. (so. many. desserts!) In reality, though, a pie chart of my time would be happily split between creating things (including desserts, but also websites, gifts, decorations), and traveling. Oh, and squeeze in a little time to do research for those two things — actually, make that a lot of time — since I'm a maximizer to the max. (And let's just leave cleaning and grocery shopping etc. off my happy pie chart. The more you travel, the less frequently you have to do those things!) [...]