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Ribbon Christmas Card Display

6 Dec

Every Christmas season I seem to grapple with the wonderful challenge of Christmas cards — how can I display them so that they're all visible, yet organized and undamaged? [...]

Alphabet Shower Decor and Activity

28 Jul

I hung alphabet flash cards as a garland for my French-themed baby shower. After a bit of searching, I found several adorable free designs — I'm so thankful for the generous individuals who share their high-quality printables online! I love these cards, but decided on the French cards — the most fitting for the party! [...]

Window Boxes and Trim

9 Jun

Did you know that there's a disadvantage to living on a property with nearly 200 rose bushes? (I know, it's hard to imagine.) [...]

Spring Entryway

4 Apr

I'm currently loving our little entryway nook; it was decorated for Easter but is staying this way until the flowers die. Our painted cabinet has come a long way! This spot changes constantly depending on holidays and flower arrangements, but I'm particularly fond of this setup. Aren't the New Zealand Tea flowers amazing? [...]

Easter Basket Bouquet

28 Mar

I planted a few flowers in an Easter basket for our front "porch," and they're surprisingly cheerful for such a small amount of effort! I love seeing them on my way in and out; they're a nice reminder that it's almost Easter. [...]

2012 in Review

9 Jan

Bird Seed Snowman [...]

Mini Pumpkin Vases

15 Nov

If you have mini pumpkins left from Halloween and you're up for a tiny bit more carving, these vases make great Thanksgiving decorations! [...]

Eiffel Tower Pumpkin Carving

26 Oct

What's Halloween without pumpkin carving? Just an excuse to wear a costume during your Saturday morning surfing session. (No, seriously that's a real thing.) While I love the idea of pumpkin carving, when it comes down to it I always struggle coming up with a design that is sufficiently cool to merit disemboweling that poor, innocent little—or not so little—pumpkin. Last year I managed to tap my Mexican ancestry and carved a calavera (skull) for Día de los Muertos, which also gave me a good excuse for why I had carved my pumpkin several days after Halloween. (Día de los Muertos is November 2.) [...]

Sea Shell Display

10 May

I finally made a sea shell shadow box to match my feather and egg shadow box! [...]

New Thonet-Style Chairs

20 Apr

There comes a time in every man's life when he must replace the as-is Ikea dining chairs he bought secondhand on Craigslist with something a little more, I don't know, stylish? Sophisticated? Less self-assembled? That day has finally come courtesy of a set of six bentwood chairs Jennifer found on Craigslist. [...]