Hi, I’m Jennifer! Welcome to Seakettle.

Jennifer at the Southern Soiree

Seakettle is the product of my desire to create more things, more often. As a graphic designer by training and web designer by trade, I really love making things look beautiful and work well. At Seakettle, you’ll find inspiration and instructions, as well as a few obstacles and obsessions along the way. What you won’t find, or at least won’t find much of, is other people’s stuff. I’ll be linking and referencing all the geniuses who’ve inspired me and whose tutorials I’ve followed, but I won’t just re-post their photos and content here. Seakettle is about creating!

Greg and Jennifer in San Francisco

Let’s not forget Greg; as my other half, it’s only logical that there’s quite a lot of him invested in Seakettle, as well. We often collaborate on projects, especially gifts from the both of us and decor for our home (you’ll often see male hands in my photos). He’s the Seakettle IT guy and businessman and, of course, biggest fan. For that, I am eternally grateful (and owe him a foam finger, hot dog and jumbo beer).

Greg and Pixel assemble loft

We live in LA with Pixel, our often feisty, always adorable kitty. Besides making, baking and decorating, we love traveling — weekend trips, camping, beaches and kayaking. We also enjoy entertaining, Glee, cheetahs and caffeine. (You can see more lovely photos of us on my wedding post.)

Pixel in the comforter

Contact me! jennifer [at] seakettle.com