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Bench Makeover

17 Apr

I just realized that there are far too few before & afters on Seakettle! Here's a quick bench flip we did for my brother-in-law's entryway: just a fresh coat of paint and some IKEA fabric! [...]

Distressed Cabinet

21 Sep

I inherited a small cabinet from a roommate in Indiana, and it has fearlessly traveled the country with me for the last four years. Though thinly coated in flat white paint, it faithfully held a TV in South Bend and a lamp in Atlanta before becoming the perfect entryway piece here in LA. [...]

New Navy Dresser

30 Jul

We added this lovely (large, spacious, luxurious) navy dresser to our bedroom this week! I was initially unsure about it, as I don't like superfluous furniture pieces, especially big ones. Turns out, I love it. The dark paint slimmed it down and I'm (obviously) thrilled about all the storage. I can't be certain, but my excitement might be influenced by the nine years my clothes have spent living solely on shelves and in cubes! [...]

No-Hem Shorts

27 Jul

After five sweltering days in DC, we returned to find that mild-when-we-left LA was also flirting with 100 degree temperatures. My one pair of khaki shorts wasn't cutting it. I dug through my "to donate" bag and found a couple pairs of outdated, unflattering capris and decided that a quick makeover was in order. With just a few stitches, the capris became cuter, cooler shorts! [...]

Cheese Plate to Dessert Stand

22 Jul

It's always fun to re-purpose thrift-store bargains, especially when spray paint is all it takes to give an old object new life! [...]