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What to Wear: Air Travel

6 Mar

I don't pretend to be an expert on fashion, but I do want to share my year-round outfit formula (and the rationale behind it) for flying! Packing and traveling can both be stressful, and figuring out a go-to formula has saved me time and anxiety, in addition to keeping me comfortable in some ridiculous airport situations. [...]

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Schrödinger and his cat hope you ate lots of great candy tonight, and avoided any flasks of poison! [...]

Halloween Costumes

29 Oct

Happy eve of All Hallows Eve! It's time to reveal our Halloween costumes — can you guess who we are? [...]

Aladdin Halloween Costumes

30 Oct

Aladdin Halloween Costumes

We went to our Mexican grocery store to buy giant, inexpensive pumpkins. We walked out with a bonus: a Disneyland flyer. [...]

Fabric Appliques

22 Jul

Fabric Appliques

Using scraps of fabric and iron-on fusible webbing is an easy way to decorate tops and tote bags! At my friend's baby shower, each guest had a chance to make a special onesie for the baby. We made it even easier for guests by doing the first three steps ahead of time and by providing them with a range of "baby boy" shapes to use as templates! [...]

No-Hem Shorts

27 Jul

After five sweltering days in DC, we returned to find that mild-when-we-left LA was also flirting with 100 degree temperatures. My one pair of khaki shorts wasn't cutting it. I dug through my "to donate" bag and found a couple pairs of outdated, unflattering capris and decided that a quick makeover was in order. With just a few stitches, the capris became cuter, cooler shorts! [...]

Stone Drop Earrings

16 Jun

Greg and I spent last Thanksgiving in the desert — Yuma, Arizona, to be exact. As with any gathering of my husband's family, a few things could be counted on in abundance: food, games and hiking. We were on our second (dry, dusty, help-my-contacts-are-stuck-to-my-eyeballs!) hike of the weekend when we headed to an amazing (um, slightly dangerous) area of abandoned mines. [...]

Dressed-up Dress Shoes

26 May

My shoe hunt (like all my wedding-planning hunts) was a long one. I wanted shoes to match all the fuchsia in our wedding (actually, any shade of dark pink, magenta, just something bright). I was looking for low heels, gorgeous and reasonably-priced. I was out of luck. [...]