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New Thonet-Style Chairs

20 Apr

There comes a time in every man's life when he must replace the as-is Ikea dining chairs he bought secondhand on Craigslist with something a little more, I don't know, stylish? Sophisticated? Less self-assembled? That day has finally come courtesy of a set of six bentwood chairs Jennifer found on Craigslist. [...]

Bench Makeover

17 Apr

I just realized that there are far too few before & afters on Seakettle! Here's a quick bench flip we did for my brother-in-law's entryway: just a fresh coat of paint and some IKEA fabric! [...]

IKEA Flooring Table

23 Jan

IKEA Flooring Table

While living in Atlanta (and visiting IKEA regularly), Jennifer and I fell in love with the dark brown Tundra laminate flooring from IKEA. We couldn't use it as flooring since we were renting an apartment, but we were unwilling to abandon the Tundra altogether. We decided it could make an interesting and durable tabletop, and I set about trying to build a table featuring the laminate flooring. Since this was my first major carpentry project, I've made some adjustments that should improve the design. [...]

Log Slice Table

23 Nov

Log Slice Table

Note: Greg's back! [...]

Distressed Cabinet

21 Sep

I inherited a small cabinet from a roommate in Indiana, and it has fearlessly traveled the country with me for the last four years. Though thinly coated in flat white paint, it faithfully held a TV in South Bend and a lamp in Atlanta before becoming the perfect entryway piece here in LA. [...]

New Navy Dresser

30 Jul

We added this lovely (large, spacious, luxurious) navy dresser to our bedroom this week! I was initially unsure about it, as I don't like superfluous furniture pieces, especially big ones. Turns out, I love it. The dark paint slimmed it down and I'm (obviously) thrilled about all the storage. I can't be certain, but my excitement might be influenced by the nine years my clothes have spent living solely on shelves and in cubes! [...]