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Potted Flower Favors and Flags

14 Jul

As I've mentioned before, I love favors. For a recent baby shower, I bought a few six packs of annuals and potted them in biodegradable pots to give as thank yous. The mass of favor flowers also served as an instant decoration, beautifully covering the cabinet in my entryway. [...]

Window Boxes and Trim

9 Jun

Did you know that there's a disadvantage to living on a property with nearly 200 rose bushes? (I know, it's hard to imagine.) [...]

Easter Basket Bouquet

28 Mar

I planted a few flowers in an Easter basket for our front "porch," and they're surprisingly cheerful for such a small amount of effort! I love seeing them on my way in and out; they're a nice reminder that it's almost Easter. [...]

Spring Eggshell Planter

28 Mar

Spring Eggshell Planter

I often wait until the last minute to decorate for holidays (and generally don't care to have a seasonally-themed house except at Christmas), but not this Easter! I saw an adorable arrangement of succulents in eggshells and wanted to make my own immediately. [...]

Bird Seed Snowman

15 Jan

In honor of the week's snow storms, I have a snowman you can make from the comfort of your warm and toasty home. Your feathered friends will love you for it! But then you should head outside to make a real one — you know, for those of us who will go without! [...]

Succulent Christmas Tree

19 Dec

Succulent Christmas Tree

Even though I love the look of themed Christmas trees, Greg and I have so many sentimental ornaments in our collection that we've never managed to put one together. The idea of buying new ornaments in matching colors when we already have more than we can use seems a little wasteful. So this year I decided to try a themed tabletop tree. [...]

Baking (and Pollinating) Zucchini

20 Sep

I've only been gardening for about two years. My lack of gardening experience is complicated by living in a completely different climate than the one I grew up in (California vs. Missouri). I can't believe how different gardens are here from what I observed in my mom's garden for years. Annuals don't actually die, tulips aren't perennials, and the roses grow like crazy! [...]

Terrarium Kit

30 Jun

Terrarium Kit

Terrariums — especially the adorable, miniature kind — have made a comeback over the last couple years. The simplest mini version is just turning a jar or dome over a tiny potted succulent. Instant cuteness! Mosses and air plants are popular, arranged in all sorts of interesting vessels, from lightbulbs to beakers. [...]

Bridesmaid Bouquets

9 Jun

The inspiration for my bridesmaids' bouquets was the one I carried in my best friend's wedding. I was more than inspired, actually; I completely copied it. I loved her sleek and gorgeous coral bouquets and so, when it was my turn to get married, I looked up her florist. [...]

Teacup Cactus Garden

21 Apr

For cute, cheap and convenient pots, turn to teacups instead of the standard clay variety. If you're like me, you have a large collection in your cabinets already. If not, thrift stores often have pretty, inexpensive options. You can just set the plants inside in the pots they came in (as shown), or actually fill the teacups with dirt (as I later did, to give them a bit more room to grow). [...]