Teacup Cactus Garden

Teacup Cactus Garden

For cute, cheap and convenient pots, turn to teacups instead of the standard clay variety. If you’re like me, you have a large collection in your cabinets already. If not, thrift stores often have pretty, inexpensive options. You can just set the plants inside in the pots they came in (as shown), or actually fill the teacups with dirt (as I later did, to give them a bit more room to grow).

Cacti and succulents don’t need much water and they don’t like to sit in it, so a little layer of rocks at the bottom can help prevent root rot. I didn’t use any rocks in mine, though, and they’re still alive one year later! If you have the appropriate tools (and no desire to use these cups at your next tea party), you could also put a small hole in the bottom.

(Teacups shown are Ikea)).

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