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Sorry for the lack of posts lately! It seems I have a million projects on the to-do list, yet we’ve been spending all our free time out of town! Speaking of traveling, we’ve added this new print to our collection: “We don’t take vacations, we take adventures.” Greg came to this conclusion in Charleston, as I begged to go back to the hotel room for a shower and nap. As a reward for his patience (and as a birthday gift), he now has his motto in print.

Do you have an inside joke or favorite quote? Make your own typographic print. If you aren’t an expert in type, keep it simple and stick with a typeface like Helvetica. Want something more exciting? Try Lobster, the free script typeface I used on my print. As for printing, you can do it at home if you have an awesome printer. If not, your best bet is to try a local printer who prints small jobs — they usually do a much better job than big box stores (for the same price) and truly appreciate your business! (Stay away from FedEx Kinko’s.)

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