Cupcakes: Frosted and Flowered

Cupcake towerTop cupcakes

Greg and I ruled out a standard wedding cake pretty early in the planning process — they are often bland and usually expensive. Besides, we were having a dessert reception! We did think that having a cupcake tower would be a fun way to serve people the expected treat and to incorporate our wedding colors into a sweet focal point. So, my dad kindly made the tower and we set about finding delicious cupcakes.

Raspberry cupcakesBoxed cupcakes

Our original idea was to bake our own cupcakes, including custom Jennifer and Greg flavors. The catering company was quick to squelch that dream, so we asked around for recommendations. The surprising winner? Sam’s Club! Amazingly enough, they have great cupcakes. They offer buttercream, whipped cream or chocolate frosting in a range of colors, and they gave us options for the style of frosting. Sweetness. The best part? A box of 30 cupcakes is just $12. Twelve! We ordered them in two colors and bought flowers and raspberries to decorate. It was an easy wedding-day task for my bridesmaids. I especially loved the green mums and, if I was doing it again, I’d probably find an equally cute pink flower for the others (I like raspberries, but they’re far less darling than teeny mums). All in all, a great value and an easy wedding DIY.

Photos by John Fedele

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