In Venice

Three days after Greg’s graduation, we packed two tiny bags and put my new passport cover to good use! We spent just over two weeks traveling through five countries (Ireland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia) on an unbelievably amazing trip. And though there isn’t a single recipe or DIY project buried in this post, I just wanted to share a few (very hard to choose) highlights:

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur in Paris


Macarons in Paris

Venice sunrise

Sunrise in Venice

Streets of Koper, Slovenia

Streets of Koper, Slovenia

Ravenna mosaics

Mosaics in Ravenna, Italy

St. John Lateran in Rome

Giotto fresco in Rome

Apartments in Paris

Apartments in Paris

St. John Lateran in Rome

St. John Lateran in Rome

In Paris

Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

Clothesline in Venice

Sunset in Venice

House in Ireland

Wildflowers in Ireland

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia and the Adriatic Sea

City Walls and Adriatic

City walls and sea in Dubrovnik, Croatia

7 thoughts on “Europe!”

  1. Oh good, you can be a macaroon person now.

    This means you can go into any bakery and say “Meh, it’s okay, but that’s not at all how they do it in France…” Or go on Yelp and claim that so-and-so’s macaroons “are the best since I came back from France!”

    BTW how do real french macaroons taste? Dry? Is it dry? I’ll bet it’s dry. Dry with a sprinkle of existentialism. Dryness precedes Essence, after all.

  2. Jason,

    Ha, yes. And along with that, I will only spell macaroon with the French spelling (it’s actually more of an effort to keep people from mixing them up with the coconut cookie).

    I’ve totally seen those reviews on Yelp. Similar to reviews of gelato, but slightly haughtier. The macarons were not dry, however. Nor were they crunchy. I expected two crisp cookies with filling in between, but the cookies themselves were more cake-like. Really delicious, actually!

  3. Hi Jennifer, just had a minute to look at all the latest postings on your site. Love the Europe pictures, what fun. The shower pictures looked so neat.Your mom’s birthday cake looked yummmy. You are so talented. Love all your items.Love, Tereasa

  4. It looks like an amazing trip! Hope you had a nice time in Ireland, what part were you in? I think we forget how lucky we are over here that we have all that on our door step with really cheap flights just a hop away…I need to work less and take advantage of it more.

    Lovely site by the way,I found it through Pinterest for your wedding burlap favours

  5. Welcome, Ruth! We had a WONDERFUL trip. We loved Ireland! We were only there for two days — in Dublin and Kilkenny — and we can’t wait to go back and see the rest of the country!

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