Burlap Favor Bags

Stamped coffee bags

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I’m not addicted to coffee.

But I’m sure that at least 50% of my dear readers are! And even though coffee isn’t really my thing (rather than waking me up, it gives me flashbacks to all-nighters in college), I decorated with coffee at my wedding reception. What’s more exciting, though, is that my coffee-loving brother was able to incorporate coffee into his!

My brother Jason and his wife (!) Michela gave bags of Portland’s own Stumptown coffee as wedding favors. The bags were easy enough to make (yay for super-forgiving burlap!), and then I just stamped their initials on with fabric paint!

Coffee wedding favors

Matching thread
Stamps and an acrylic block
Black fabric paint
Small paint brush
Coffee beans (or candy), 1 cup per favor

1. Cut two rectangles of burlap, 4″ x 6 1/2″ each.

Cut burlap

2. Set the rectangles on top of each other and pin into place.

Pin pieces of burlap

3. Stitch a 1/2″ seam around three of the sides, leaving one of the 4″ ends open as the top.

Stitch burlap pieces together

4. Turn bag inside out. Ta-da! You have your favor bag.

Burlap bag

5. To add an image or initials, lightly brush fabric paint over the stamp and press it into place.

J <3 M stamp

J <3 M stamp inked

Stamping burlap

Stamped coffee bags

6. After the fabric paint dries, fill the bag with coffee beans. Coffee purists should first put their coffee into an airtight plastic bag. I would have just dumped the beans into the bags, but my brother would have none of that! I used about 1 cup per bag.

7. Tie the bag with ribbon, twine, or matching strands pulled from the burlap fabric (what I used).

Wedding favors

Coffee wedding favorsCoffee wedding favors

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  1. Oh, good questions! I bought the stamp pieces at Michaels: an alphabet set, a heart set, and an acrylic stamping block. Once you have an acrylic block, you can attach any clear vinyl stamps to it, and arrange them however you like! They peel off to make way for new stamps, but are also reusable.

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