Pink Grapefruit Gin and Tonics

Grapefruit gin and tonics

Hey y’all, sorry for the radio silence. Greg and I have just been lounging by the pool drinking G&Ts, too busy relaxing to bother with writing new Seakettle posts!

Juuuust kidding. We have been making this grapefruit version of the classic summer drink with some frequency, but we’ve also gone on four trips in the last six weeks, besides throwing a shower, having a house guest and celebrating our fifth anniversary. Summertime busyness just happened to hit us in May this year!


Meanwhile, grapefruit has been on sale 5 for a dollar, and we’ve been juicing them every chance we get. (We also tried bottled grapefruit juice once, and I don’t recommend it. Better to stick with a regular G&T if you don’t have fresh juice.)

Grapefruit gin and tonics

I love this easy twist on one of my favorite drinks. I also adore its blush pink color, especially in my gold-rimmed glasses!

Pink Grapefruit Gin & Tonics

Grapefruit gin and tonic ingredients

Tonic (we use diet)
Juice from 1/2 pink grapefruit (per drink), strained

Add a few ice cubes to your glass. Add 50 ml gin, 150 ml tonic, and top with grapefruit juice. Garnish with additional grapefruit, if you like!

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  1. This may be my first mention on Seakettle! 😀
    Makes me happy even though I fall in the category of things that have been keeping you from Seakettle. I’m also glad I got to try this delicious drink when I visited you!

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