Alphabet Shower Decor and Activity

french alphabet banner | seakettle

I hung alphabet flash cards as a garland for my French-themed baby shower. After a bit of searching, I found several adorable free designs — I’m so thankful for the generous individuals who share their high-quality printables online! I love these cards, but decided on the French cards — the most fitting for the party!

(The cute little clothespins are from Michaels, by the way. I tried standard clothespins, but they dwarfed the cards.)

Alphabet card book | seakettle

As a shower activity, I asked each guest to unclip a card and write a note on the back to the baby. I encouraged them to relate their note to the letter on the front of the card, for example: “D is for dragons and dinosaurs and dreams. I hope you always follow your dreams!” Writing letter-specific notes was a bit trickier than the average “leave advice for the mom-to-be” or “write a note to baby,” but so worth it. The notes were all very clever, thoughtful and cute.

Alphabet card book | seakettle

After the shower, I punched a hole in the upper left corner of every card and put them on a plastic ring. The cards were a cute shower decoration, activity, guestbook and gift in one!

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