Baileys Brownies

Irish Cream Brownies

This is officially my easiest St. Patrick’s Day recipe. I won’t even waste time with chit-chat: for an Irish spin on a classic dessert, simply prepare box-mix brownies using Irish Cream liqueur instead of water. If you need a dessert for a St. Patrick’s Day party, you’re just half an hour + a bottle of Baileys away!

Shamrock-shaped Irish Cream Brownies

I used a low-fat mix, as it was the first box I pulled out of my cabinet. (Clearly, I am not a brownie snob. All brownies, except those with cinnamon/cayenne, are welcome in my house). I subbed in 1/2 cup Baileys for the 1/2 cup water and otherwise baked according to the package directions. Oh, except I forgot to grease the pan, which I don’t recommend!

Irish Cream Brownie Ingredients

If you get bored with all the extra time you have to spend not baking an elaborate dessert, cut those brownies out into shamrocks! (Just remember that you’ll end up with far fewer brownies and lots of scraps if you go the cookie cutter route. Best to make two pans!) You could also leave the brownies in the pan, but top with green sprinkles. Or keep them plain + classy. Either way, people will love them. I promise!

Irish Cream Brownies

2 thoughts on “Baileys Brownies”

  1. Totally making these brownies this weekend! And the shamrock shape is so cute! Where do you buy shamrock-shaped cookie cutters?

  2. Awesome, Laura! I think my cookie cutter is from Michaels last year. Party City would probably have them, as well!

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