Bottle Cap Wreath Ornament

Bottle cap wreath ornament

To celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday last summer, my family headed to Denver in search of mountains and beer. (And don’t worry, we definitely found both.) Great Divide, the maker of my dad’s favorite beer, is there along with a whole host of other awesome craft breweries.

I’ve never been crazy about bottle cap crafts (so many ugly ideas!), so I was surprised to find cute ornament ideas online. I gathered up the caps from several breweries we visited in Colorado, and later made this wreath as a souvenir and Christmas gift for my dad.

I didn’t get a photo of the back before giving it away, unfortunately, but it’s pretty basic. I cut a circle wreath shape out of card stock, and then I hot-glued the bottle caps to the card stock. I made sure to get a little glue on the sides, in-between each bottle cap, as well. The card stock just adds a little extra surface area for the thin caps to stick to and helps support the ribbon. If you have enough bottle caps, it would look prettier and be sturdier if you repeated the process on the back, making the ornament double-sided. I didn’t have enough caps, but was happy with just a one-sided version, after I cleaned up the stray hot glue on the back.

This ornament would look great with all matching bottle caps, especially if they have a cool pattern or are a Christmas-y color. Start collecting now, and you’ll have plennnnty of time to put these together for the holidays!

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