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Toy Animal Valentines

14 Feb

This Valentine card idea and printable from Sarah M Style is so amazingly awesome. I assembled a few for my adventure-and-animal-loving husband and hid them with treats around the house! [...]

Initial and Heart Sugar Cookies

10 Feb

We already know that I'd be lost without my letter cookie cutters (exhibit a and b), but here's another project to confirm it! I made these initial and heart sugar cookies for a sweet cousin-in-law's bridal shower over the weekend. [...]

Saints Valentine and Germain

4 Feb

Here's a ruby red (er, pomegranate red) drink to dress up your Valentine's Day party or date night! [...]

Ribbon Christmas Card Display

6 Dec

Every Christmas season I seem to grapple with the wonderful challenge of Christmas cards — how can I display them so that they're all visible, yet organized and undamaged? [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

28 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greg and I are hosting Thanksgiving in our tiny apartment today, and we'll be enjoying this layered pumpkin cheesecake topped with chocolate acorns for dessert! Greg is working on the turkey as I write, and a butternut squash galette and a pumpkin "stuffed with everything good" will both be making appearances, as well. [...]

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Schrödinger and his cat hope you ate lots of great candy tonight, and avoided any flasks of poison! [...]

Polka Dot Easter Eggs

29 Mar

Polka Dot Easter Eggs

I just can't get enough of polka dots. Just like the polka dot pumpkins that I made for Halloween, I decorated a batch of eggs with a little gold paint. [...]

Easter Basket Bouquet

28 Mar

I planted a few flowers in an Easter basket for our front "porch," and they're surprisingly cheerful for such a small amount of effort! I love seeing them on my way in and out; they're a nice reminder that it's almost Easter. [...]

Cake-filled Easter Eggs

25 Mar

Cake-filled Easter Eggs

I love cake-filled Easter eggs — they taste so much better than the hard-boiled variety! I love cracking them on the table and popping the cake out of the shell. That said, making these eggs is no small undertaking; this is a post of what I would do differently if making these crazy eggs again. [...]

Shamrock Crackers

16 Mar

Shamrock Crackers

Deb from Smitten Kitchen says people think she's crazy for re-creating grocery store snacks and until yesterday, I might have agreed with them. Why make your own Wheat Thins when you can buy magically delicious ones for $2 a box? [...]