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Wheatgrass Easter Centerpieces

8 Apr

Wheatgrass Easter Centerpieces

I grew wheatgrass for several projects last Easter and really enjoyed the process. It's the perfect project for kids (or the rest of us who love instant gratification) because it grows so quickly. Even so, there are just a few days left to plant wheatgrass in time for Easter! [...]

Toy Animal Valentines

14 Feb

This Valentine card idea and printable from Sarah M Style is so amazingly awesome. I assembled a few for my adventure-and-animal-loving husband and hid them with treats around the house! [...]

Sail Boat Napkins

13 Nov

When my wife decided to throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, she asked me to make boats out of paper napkins. What do you mean, boats out of napkins!? Ummm, napkins (especially paper ones) definitely do not float. However, it turns out that for hundreds of years, people in Japan have been successfully turning paper into all sorts of things, including boats . . . Origami! Of course! [...]

Colorful Dessert Stands

5 Nov

My nautical dessert table needed more color and height, and dessert stands seemed like the obvious choice. If your cake stand collection is like mine (um, I only own one!) and isn't as extensive as Bountiful (lovvvve), you might want to whip up a few of these for your next party! [...]

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Schrödinger and his cat hope you ate lots of great candy tonight, and avoided any flasks of poison! [...]

Potted Flower Favors and Flags

14 Jul

As I've mentioned before, I love favors. For a recent baby shower, I bought a few six packs of annuals and potted them in biodegradable pots to give as thank yous. The mass of favor flowers also served as an instant decoration, beautifully covering the cabinet in my entryway. [...]

French-Themed Baby Shower

13 Jun

I recently had the honor of hosting a baby shower for my friend Grace. I particularly enjoyed planning this shower knowing that Grace's affinity for Europe meant I could make the party a little fancy and a little French and not necessarily the typical baby boy party! [...]

Polka Dot Easter Eggs

29 Mar

Polka Dot Easter Eggs

I just can't get enough of polka dots. Just like the polka dot pumpkins that I made for Halloween, I decorated a batch of eggs with a little gold paint. [...]

Play Donuts and Donut Pops

1 Mar

Our goddaughter's second birthday was a Sunday-morning donuts-and-coffee celebration. The kids were adorable with their donuts, sugar rush and all! [...]

A Birthday Banner

20 Feb

This shape is my new favorite for banners! I don't know what it's called — notched rectangle? Forked flag? But it works well with plain or patterned paper, with letters or not. It's so much more fun than triangles, and so much easier to hang than circles! [...]