Hanging Jar Lanterns

Candles in jars

I am such a sucker for outdoor lighting. OK, I’m not a huge fan of small, standard Christmas lights (probably from the years of using them as dorm decor), but I love decorative string lights and small clear globes and paper lanterns and regular lanterns and candles of all sorts. If a restaurant has a nice patio with sparkly outdoor lighting, it doesn’t even matter how the food tastes.

Jar lanterns

I was so excited to finally host an outdoor party with a tree right smack in the middle of it! The wide, low branches were perfect for hanging lanterns. I arranged our leftover pickle and pasta sauce jars around the yard, and Greg and his dad used twine to hang them. We varied the height to keep it interesting and then added candles!

Lanterns over the party

Jar lanternCandle in a jar

Greg’s dad did some fancy twisting to rig these up — the only knot was at the top. If you’re attempting this yourself and want additional guidance, just throw a comment my way and I’ll attempt to explain it!

Twine on jar

Jar Lanterns

2 thoughts on “Hanging Jar Lanterns”

  1. Yes can you please explain how you tie the knot to the jar and what kind of material that is?3


  2. Hi Ella,
    We used twine. Cut a piece of twine at least a foot longer than twice the distance you want it to hang. Wrap the middle of the piece of twine twice around the neck of the jar. Pull the end in your left hand over the right-hand piece and then tuck it back under. Pull the pieces in your hands away from each other to tighten the twine looped around the neck. Now loop the piece in your left hand 3-4 times under one of the two strands looped around the neck. The two ends of the twine should now be coming off the jar on opposite sides. Pull tight and then tie them together around your tree branch (or whatever you’re tying it to). Trim any excess twine from the knot. Good luck!

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