Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry in type tray

One of the many fantastic things I brought home from this month’s Printer’s Fair (at the International Printing Museum) was a type tray. It’s a drawer that held letterpress letters for a printing press within a larger cabinet. I love all things letterpress — and I came home with a ton of cute cards and letter pieces that day — but these! At $5 each, I had to drag myself away before they all jumped into my arms.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much room for hanging new things in our current apartment (the real reason I didn’t come home with more trays). Though I’d love to hang it someday, my lovely bit of nostalgic printing decor is going to be more practical than I intended in the meantime.

It now sits atop the dresser, holding my jewelry.

Type tray on top of dresser

It matches surprisingly well, doesn’t it? And it’s such an upgrade from the ice cube trays my rings and earrings were in (and the knot my necklaces were in)!

Type tray

My cat Pixel loved helping me reorganize. After batting a few necklaces around, he promptly fell asleep in one of the dresser drawers!

Helpful kitty

2 thoughts on “Jewelry Organizer”

  1. Good idea for your jewelry! It really does match. And like I always say pixie is a great helper, he even wears himself out!!

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