Succulent Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas tree

Even though I love the look of themed Christmas trees, Greg and I have so many sentimental ornaments in our collection that we’ve never managed to put one together. The idea of buying new ornaments in matching colors when we already have more than we can use seems a little wasteful. So this year I decided to try a themed tabletop tree.

Succulent ornaments on a mini treeSucculent ornament

I considered a potted rosemary tree, but they’re a little bit more than I wanted to spend, and we already have SO much rosemary. So we just cut a juniper branch from the backyard and potted it. The Ikea planter is full of coins and water (for weight and nourishment) and topped with black beans (to hide the coins).

The succulent cuttings all came from the garden, where I cut a couple dozen of the tiniest offshoots. To hang them, I simply twisted the piece of wire around the stem and then twisted the ends together to form a loop. Succulents are amazing plants — their cuttings can survive for weeks without water and later be planted to grow into new plants.

Succulent ornament

After hanging the ornaments, the tree was still missing something. I added some red ribbon from my ribbon stash and the tree was complete. It’s a tiny bit lopsided and I’m not quite sure how long it will be before the succulents wither, but it’s almost Christmas, and I love it for now!

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