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chalkboard frame

I admit it: like (seemingly) everyone else these days, I had to have a chalkboard paint project of my very own. I had to. I’ve been searching for a bargain on a fancy old frame or mirror at thrift stores for at least a year, planning to make one someday. I was never lucky enough to find an amazing old frame, but a Christmas gift of chalkboard paint finally jumpstarted the project. After a little searching, I found the IKEA Ung Drill to be a great size for the price and playfully ornate. The black color was the only downside, but fortunately that’s easy enough to fix.

Entryway chalkboard

Make your own picture frame chalkboard:
Frame with glass
Newspaper or dropcloth
Spray primer
White spray paint
Chalkboard spray paint

1. Take the glass out of the frame and use a damp cloth to wipe any dust off your frame and glass. Let dry.

2. Paint the frame with white spray primer. With a decent primer, you won’t even need to roughen up the frame, just clean and go. Follow primer’s directions to determine when you can proceed to painting.

3. Paint several thin, even strokes of white paint over the frame. It has lots of crevices and lots of black, so it will take several thin coats. Mine took about five (thankfully the time between coats is only half an hour!).

4. In between white coatings, you can paint the glass with your chalkboard paint. It only takes 2-3 coats, but is more likely to show flaws. Be sure to start the paint flowing before you get to the first edge of the glass and stop spraying only once you’ve passed it. This helps to prevent uneven spots where you start and stop.

5. Allow 24 hours to dry, then assemble, and hang. Bring on the cute messages!

7 thoughts on “Picture Frame Chalkboard”

  1. Yes, well it was actually glass, but it became a chalkboard after three coats of paint.

  2. This is a really nice turotial! Now one questions, where can i get the chalk paint for a good price and where in the world do you find those beautiful picture frames ???



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