Polka Dot Pumpkins

Polka dot pumpkins

We have so many pumpkins this year. It started with a handful of super cute mini white pumpkins at our local grocery store, and I just went crazy from there. Once we decided to throw an autumn party, we just kept accumulating — more mini pumpkins and then large ones from three other stores. I love our pumpkin patch of assorted sizes and colors, though, and I have lots of pumpkin projects to share! First up, how I decorated “my” pumpkins. (Greg’s carved pumpkins up next!)

Painted pumkins

I wanted to use gold, orange and black for colors at our party, so I bought a can of gold spray paint and went to town. I used a circle punch on label paper (two supplies I had on hand) to make polka dots for one of the pumpkins before spray painting, and I love how it turned out. If you don’t have a circle punch, circle (or star!) stickers would work just as well.

Pumpkin with stickers

Spray painting pumpkin gold

Polka dot pumpkin

I painted another pumpkin solid gold (like the beloved Notre Dame football helmets, before they went tacky). On a third pumpkin, I added tiny black and gold dots by dipping a pencil eraser into acrylic paint and dabbing all over.

Polka dot pumpkinPolka dot pumpkins

My pumpkins are now decorating our entryway and, if last year is any indication, should easily make it to Thanksgiving. I believe we finally cooked the guts of last years’ pumpkins in April… (Don’t judge.)

Painted pumpkins

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