Jell-O Letters

Jello letters

I’m always on the hunt for simple foods and decorations that can be customized for any situation, and these Jell-O letters fit the bill “purrfectly.”

We already know that I love to use cookie cutters for foods besides cookies (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5). This time, I wrote out a silly note from our cat to his very favorite person in the world, Greg. And while Jell-O shapes and letters may be too casual for some occasions (perhaps fancier in clear?!), they’d be excellent treats for a kids party!

Jello letters

To make Jell-O letters, buy standard Jell-O from the grocery store, but don’t follow the usual recipe. Instead, follow the Jell-O Jigglers recipe. It uses a lot less water per box, and all of it is boiling (instead of half cold). This will firm up your shapes so they can withstand being cut and transferred.

Cutting out Jello letters

I poured my Jell-O into a few glass dishes, watching to make sure that I didn’t fill them so high that the Jell-O would be too tall for my cookie cutters. I’d recommend making an extra tray — it doesn’t take any additional time, and there will be a few casualties if you’re using intricate shapes like letters. Then give the Jell-O a few hours to set and cut away!

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