Nautical Twizzler Knots

Nautical Twizzler Knots

I was never a Boy Scout, and as a consequence, I can tie exactly one kind of knot—a granny knot! When I need to make sure something is especially secure, I just tie a bunch of additional granny knots. Somehow I’ve managed to survive this long without losing any furniture on the freeway… Anyway, while preparing a dessert table for my sister-in-law’s baby shower, Jennifer had a stroke of genius. Knowing that my sister-in-law loves Twizzlers, she realized that they resemble ropes and could be tied into knots that would fit perfectly into the shower’s nautical theme.

Nautical Twizzler Knots

So after surviving some three decades on this planet without advancing past granny knots, I set out to tie square knots out of Twizzlers. While I must admit that I broke the first few pieces of licorice in failed attempts, I have to say that square knots aren’t so bad. I’m certainly not going to be entering any knot tying contests anytime soon (yes, they have those), but I can happily say that I mastered the Twizzler square knot. The secret is not to pull them too tight or they’ll spontaneously break after a few minutes. Plan on making the day of your party—they’ll hold their shape for a few hours, but may not survive overnight.

1. Hold one Twizzler in each hand, with the flat side of the one in your right hand facing down and the flat side of the one in your left hand facing up.

nautical twizzler knot

2. Form an “X” by crossing the Twizzlers with the right-hand piece on top. They should cross toward the bottom of the pieces.

nautical twizzler knot

3. Fold the upper portion of the right-hand piece under the left-hand piece.

nautical twizzler knot

4. Fold the portion of the right-hand piece back over the bottom (left-hand) piece so that the right hand piece is wrapped around the left hand piece.

nautical twizzler knot

5. Bring the top portions of each piece together, crossing them so that the right-hand piece (now coming from the left) is on top.

nautical twizzler knot

6. Fold the right-hand piece over the left-hand piece and pull it back through from under the left-hand piece.

nautical twizzler knot

nautical twizzler knot

7. Adjust the terminal lengths so they are symmetric.

nautical twizzler knot

While no merit badges were earned completing this project, I hear that the Twizzler knots were a big hit at the baby shower!

nautical twizzler knot

4 thoughts on “Nautical Twizzler Knots”

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  2. Cute idea but these didn’t work work for me at all. I bought red licorice at my local supermarket and it was fresh. Due to the shorter length, I was unable to tie the knot you used. I tied a simple knot using only one length and they were cute. Unfortunately after about five minutes the licorice split. I had to throw everything away.

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  4. I was able to use the two pieces and tie the knot as shown, but they split apart in a fairly short amount of time, so I wasn’t able to use them for our “Tying the Knot” party. Cute idea, but didn’t work out for us.

  5. Cheryl Reynolds

    This is exactly what I was looking for as treats for our Cub Scout pack meeting! We’ve been learning knots!After reading comments, I think I will buy the long rope licorice. I’m sure that will work great!

    Thank you!

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