Baptism Cross Cookies

Cross Cookies for a Boy Baptism

We welcomed my little nephew James into the Catholic Church on Sunday! He is an incredible blessing to his parents and to our whole family, and we were so thrilled to celebrate with all the amazing people who love him!

Cross Sugar Cookies

I made these cross sugar cookies for the reception that followed. (I actually baked and decorated them at the same time as the initial shower cookies, then froze them for a couple weeks.)

Baptism Cross Cookies with Names

This is the first time I tried polka dots in the wet frosting, and it was addictive fun. Bake at 350 (where I find most of my sugar cookie tips) has a video on the “flat dot” technique. You basically just flood the cookie, wait a minute, then drip dots of another color of icing (but same consistency) on top.

I also tried to be fancy and do a few cookies with “James” written on them. Kinda cute, right?

Frosted Baptism Cross Cookies

P.S. I had a difficult time choosing an outfit for the baptism that wasn’t one of my three blue and white polka-dotted dresses! I might be obsessed. Is it possible to give up polka dots for Lent?

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