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Sea Shell Display

10 May

I finally made a sea shell shadow box to match my feather and egg shadow box! [...]

New Thonet-Style Chairs

20 Apr

There comes a time in every man's life when he must replace the as-is Ikea dining chairs he bought secondhand on Craigslist with something a little more, I don't know, stylish? Sophisticated? Less self-assembled? That day has finally come courtesy of a set of six bentwood chairs Jennifer found on Craigslist. [...]

An Easter Cross

7 Apr

Just thought I'd share this Easter gift I made for my grandmother, who has spent far too much time in the hospital recently. I often send sweets, but I know she gets a lot of sugary treats from the rest of my family. Instead, I decorated a wooden cross in hopes that the cheer it brings will outlast that of my usual chocolate! [...]

Spring Eggshell Planter

28 Mar

Spring Eggshell Planter

I often wait until the last minute to decorate for holidays (and generally don't care to have a seasonally-themed house except at Christmas), but not this Easter! I saw an adorable arrangement of succulents in eggshells and wanted to make my own immediately. [...]

Carving Salvaged Brick

18 Mar

There's something about the weathered texture and classic muted red that I love in salvaged brick. Growing up, we always had plenty of it around due to the stockpile my dad accumulated from the neighborhood chimneys toppled by the Northridge earthquake. This Valentine's Day I stole a brick from the remnants of that stockpile to fashion into a gift for Jennifer. Knowing that she loves typographic details, I decided to carve our initials into one face of the brick. [...]

Paper Flower Wreath

26 Feb

I've made a couple of these butcher paper wreaths, and I just love them! Despite the elegant appearance of the finished product, the steps are very basic. It's the perfect project to work on during a movie (and it will even be finished by the time the movie is over!). [...]

The Luckiest

8 Feb

I love typographic decor, from 3D letters to Helvetica prints to letterpress pieces. When I spotted a wire word wrapped in yarn over on Family Chic, I immediately knew I'd have to try it. We can only have so many J's and G's decorating our house, after all! This Christmas, I finally had the word, the time and the occasion. [...]

Christmas Gift Round Up

26 Jan

Valentine's Day is approaching, and I still have several Christmas craft projects to share! I won't be writing tutorials on every single one of these, so I thought a quick summary would be nice. [...]

A Little Christmas

3 Jan

I hate taking down Christmas decorations. Ours are going to stay up for a while longer (it's only the 9th day of Christmas, after all), but I'm still dreading the imminent boxing-up and cleaning-up that signifies the end of a holiday in the same way that a long and tiring drive home signifies the end of a vacation. [...]

Succulent Christmas Tree

19 Dec

Succulent Christmas Tree

Even though I love the look of themed Christmas trees, Greg and I have so many sentimental ornaments in our collection that we've never managed to put one together. The idea of buying new ornaments in matching colors when we already have more than we can use seems a little wasteful. So this year I decided to try a themed tabletop tree. [...]