Constellation Shower Invitations

Star shadows

One of my favorite people in the world is getting married in September! I’m extremely honored to be one of Angela’s bridesmaids and bridal shower hostesses. Angela was a bridesmaid in my wedding, as well, and though she wasn’t a confident paper-cutter (my invitations were admittedly intense), she was a great cupcake-decorator and source of comic relief!

For Angela’s shower invitations, I went a little crazy with the hole punch. Three hole punches, actually:

Constellation invitation

Constellation Shower Invitations

I love that Angela and her fiancé are having their reception in the St. Louis planetarium. The star-show on the ceiling will be a beautiful backdrop and the venue lends itself to extra star-themed touches (without going prom-theme crazy).

Star shadows

To create the invites, I used different-sized hole punches (1/16″, 1/8″ and standard) to make a star-dotted purple sleeve. Using a template I made in Illustrator, I carefully punched the holes such that the text of the inside invitation didn’t show through.

Hole punch template

Then I tucked the shower details inside and secured them with a dab of rubber cement and a silver ribbon!

Punching ribbon holes

Threading the ribbon

These invitations were a bit tedious for a large bridal shower, but I couldn’t abandon the hole-punching idea even after I heard the head count. They’d be a breeze for a small shower or party, or even a wedding if you can enlist a lot of help! Once you’ve created a star template, the hole-punching is time-consuming but extremely straightforward. Punch away! Gift tags, escort cards, table numbers, etc.!

Starry invitationStar shower invitation

Angela’s shower was lovely — check back for all the purple and silver decoration details!

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