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Irish Flag Marshmallow Pops

1 Mar

It cracks me up that kids find anything on a lollipop stick absolutely irresistible. I can't help but notice it at parties over the last couple years, especially as desserts in pop-form have become so popular! [...]

Raspberry and Custard Crepe Cake

13 Feb

Since this is the week of pink and red desserts, I thought I'd share my crepe cake from the baby shower I hosted back in June. [...]

Initial and Heart Sugar Cookies

10 Feb

We already know that I'd be lost without my letter cookie cutters (exhibit a and b), but here's another project to confirm it! I made these initial and heart sugar cookies for a sweet cousin-in-law's bridal shower over the weekend. [...]

Saints Valentine and Germain

4 Feb

Here's a ruby red (er, pomegranate red) drink to dress up your Valentine's Day party or date night! [...]

Ocean Ombre Petal Cake

2 Jan

Today is baby James's birth day! And since it's a birthday, let's have cake! Even though I intended to have all baby shower posts completed before James's arrival (ha!), I'm celebrating his birth by sharing the details from the petal cake I made for his nautical shower (and ooh-ing/ah-ing over photo texts!). [...]

Sand Dollar Cookies

5 Dec

While you may be up to your elbows in flour, I doubt this is the holiday cookie recipe you've been looking for! But hey, if we can have Christmas in July, maybe we can bring a little July to Christmas? [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

28 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greg and I are hosting Thanksgiving in our tiny apartment today, and we'll be enjoying this layered pumpkin cheesecake topped with chocolate acorns for dessert! Greg is working on the turkey as I write, and a butternut squash galette and a pumpkin "stuffed with everything good" will both be making appearances, as well. [...]

Sea Glass Candy

9 Nov

On a recent trip to Portland, Greg and I visited a tea tasting room with my brother and his wife. It was a great experience — I consume crazy amounts of tea, but am woefully ignorant of the nuances of the historically-significant beverage. It was fun to taste them side by side and ask the server about her tips and recommendations. Meanwhile, my sister-in-law purchased a box of pink sea-glass-like candy from the front of the shop. Even though my dessert table was already fully-stocked and I was buried in nautical projects, I couldn’t resist googling sea glass candy to see what I’d find. [...]

Nautical Twizzler Knots

1 Nov


Jell-O Letters

21 Oct

I'm always on the hunt for simple foods and decorations that can be customized for any situation, and these Jell-O letters fit the bill "purrfectly." [...]