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Ombre Paper Bow

1 Sep

I'll be the first to admit that I've been slow to embrace the ombre trend that's now so hugely popular. I think it's because I spend a lot of my day job arguing that clients don't actually need to add gradients to every. single. little. thing. And let's be honest here — ombre is just a fancy French word for gradient. [...]


4 Jul

Happy Fourth of July! [...]

Panda Pop-Up Card

7 Jun

A huge congratulations to all of this spring's graduates, especially the doctors! I'm so proud of my friend Rebecca, who graduated from medical school, and my sister-in-law Michela, who graduated from optometry school! [...]

The Gift of Coffee

19 May

I don't know many people who wouldn't appreciate a Starbucks (or insert-your-favorite-coffee-shop) gift card! Even those of us who don't like black coffee can find plenty of sugary things to enjoy in the ubiquitous coffee shop. But gift card giving sometimes feels a little impersonal, so this time around I added a flowery felt sleeve and gift card wrapper to make it a little fancier. [...]

Valentine Treats

17 Feb

Valentine Treats

I made my first ever batch of macarons this week, and they were pretty cute and delicious! They weren't perfect, but I think I know how to fix them for next time. [...]

The Luckiest

8 Feb

I love typographic decor, from 3D letters to Helvetica prints to letterpress pieces. When I spotted a wire word wrapped in yarn over on Family Chic, I immediately knew I'd have to try it. We can only have so many J's and G's decorating our house, after all! This Christmas, I finally had the word, the time and the occasion. [...]

Christmas Gift Round Up

26 Jan

Valentine's Day is approaching, and I still have several Christmas craft projects to share! I won't be writing tutorials on every single one of these, so I thought a quick summary would be nice. [...]

Silver Gift Wrap

22 Dec

Just three more days until Christmas! If I didn't have so many handmade gifts left to finish, I'd be dying of anticipation! [...]

Burlap Favor Bags

14 Sep

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I'm not addicted to coffee. [...]

Baptism Treats and Gifts

25 May

Our goddaughter Emmerson was baptized this weekend! The baptism service was followed by a party at a nearby park — the perfect occasion to put several previous Seakettle projects to use! [...]