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Message in a Bottle Shower Activity

25 Nov

I hesitated to set up this Message in a Bottle activity at Trish's nautical baby shower, as I had already sent out Message in a Bottle invitations. But what the heck — it's such a cute and easy idea! [...]

Sail Boat Napkins

13 Nov

When my wife decided to throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, she asked me to make boats out of paper napkins. What do you mean, boats out of napkins!? Ummm, napkins (especially paper ones) definitely do not float. However, it turns out that for hundreds of years, people in Japan have been successfully turning paper into all sorts of things, including boats . . . Origami! Of course! [...]

Colorful Dessert Stands

5 Nov

My nautical dessert table needed more color and height, and dessert stands seemed like the obvious choice. If your cake stand collection is like mine (um, I only own one!) and isn't as extensive as Bountiful (lovvvve), you might want to whip up a few of these for your next party! [...]

Nautical Twizzler Knots

1 Nov


Nautical Baby Shower

30 Oct

I'm going to be an aunt! In honor of this momentous upcoming occasion, I co-hosted a baby shower in Los Angeles for my sister-in-law Trish. [...]

Jell-O Letters

21 Oct

I'm always on the hunt for simple foods and decorations that can be customized for any situation, and these Jell-O letters fit the bill "purrfectly." [...]

Basketball Brownies

26 Sep

I jumped on the Pinterest basketball cake bandwagon and made this cute dessert for my father-in-law's birthday. I baked peanut butter brownies for the base, instead of a more typical cake, to complement the Reese's Pieces flavors. [...]

End of Summer Happy Hour

4 Sep

I love happy hour. Happy hour and brunch. I'm not sure why I prefer to eat and drink at non-standard meal times, but it just feels so special. [...]

Map Cookies

24 Aug

A few of my girlfriends recently had a going-away tea party for our sweet friend, Kelley. I made these USA cookies with hearts to mark where we and she will be living for the next few years. Too far away! [...]

Alphabet Shower Decor and Activity

28 Jul

I hung alphabet flash cards as a garland for my French-themed baby shower. After a bit of searching, I found several adorable free designs — I'm so thankful for the generous individuals who share their high-quality printables online! I love these cards, but decided on the French cards — the most fitting for the party! [...]